Under the ever-changing environment of compliance, our solutions are catered for the challenges to minimize false positive and to secure right hit in the AML/CFL platforms. They are essential for compliance officers to make the right decisions.

Under the environment of ever-changing regulations and rules, it is always a challenge for FSI cooperate to minimize the false positive as well as to get the right hit for AML program.

As a RegTech solution provider since year 2000, Lyods provides professional services and solutions to financial industry which helps FSI to fully utilizes information technology to enhance regulatory processes.


General challenges for banking and finance:

  • Identity all suspicious customers or transactions / right HITs
  • Minimize fasle positive hit rate
  • Provide a tailor-made workflow to increase effectiveness due to the less experienced investigators
  • Deliver proactive summit reports and documents to regulators
  • Regularly evaluate their existing AML compliance programs, including a review of existing approaches, due diligence monitoring, rules settings, alert systems, policies and procedures.

Taken together, the most important for FSI is to show that they made substantial efforts and expended significant resources, to remediate the criminal conduct and AML, also to cooperate with regulators and supervisory authorities on AML requirements regularly.

Facing the challenges of AML/CFT, FSI has to keep increasing the efficiency and effectiveness to conduct the KYC, CDD, AML/CFT workflow to locate all suspected transactions, to perform sufficient rules setting, to set up alerts system, to evaluate all suspected results and to validate the decisions. The efficiency of AML/CFT platform and regular automated reporting are also crucial to FSI.


  • Fully locate suspicious customers or transections to identify Sanctions, PEPs, Adverse Media, and Internal list
  • Monitor all transactions to identify suspicious transactions
  • Minimized false positive rate
  • Provide a flexible workflow to increase effectiveness for the lack of experienced investigators
  • Automatize ongoing risk monitoring

Regularly evaluate the existing AML compliance programs, including a review of existing approaches, due diligence monitoring, rules settings, alert systems, policies and procedures.

The increase of financial crimes and money laundering in the insurance sector is obvious in Asia. The various products such as investment products, annuities or life insurance are being attracted to money launderers.

The recent massive flows of funds in and out of the insurance firms incurs the huge risks. The insurers have to set up AML/CFT red flag policy, a flexible comprehensive workflow, an effective AI transaction monitoring measure, an efficient automated platform with intelligence to locate the suspicious transactions and intermediaries, and the ongoing KYC, CDD, TM and evaluation for minimizing false positive rate.


  • Create dynamic view with multiple sources of information at one single platform
  • Minimize manual input for the document intensive and highly error prone system
  • Manage time and risk in the legacy system with complexity of relationship and scale of trade
  • Minimize false positive rate

LYODS’ TBML solution automate the process to effectively brings comprehensive customer knowledge, transactional information, external insights and meaningful risk factors together; and reveal hidden risks for better quality of alerts, as well as faster and proper decision making.

With multitude of challenges in combating trade-based money laundering, banks / importers & exporters / custom regulators find the necessity to improve efficiency in this legacy system, in order to manage the short window of operating time while able to manage risk and minimize the false positive rate. A flexible solution with agile in nature which can resolve the manual input, as well as create dynamic view with multiple sources of information at one single platform can reveal hidden risks for faster and proper decision making.


Money laundering risk assessments continue to be a major issue in enforcement actions by anti-money laundering financing regulatory authorities in many countries.

Therefore, as one of the active players in the market, Lyods developed the comprehensive solution covering all the important function modules and combined into one single platform to help the FSIs to minimize their risk.

Key features of Lyods AML Platform

  • Full scale name screening
  • Real-time transaction screening
  • Risk-sensitive rule base transaction monitoring (TM)
  • Automatic customer risk review
  • Preventive measures on Know Your Customer (KYC)
  • Customer Due Diligent (CDD)
  • Flexible screening list management

Key features of Lyods AML Platform

In order to have higher effectiveness, we develop SaaS the Lyods AML/CFT platform on cloud for FSI and insurers to implement AML/CFT on one single powerful platform with all comprehensive solutions and function modules.

It focuses on flexible screening list management, CDD, TM, KYC, real-time transaction screening, full name screening or automatic customer risk review.

Benefits for Lyods AML Cloud Service (SaaS)

  • Fast implementation
  • Lower starting cost
  • Minimizing your risk
  • Expert risk analysts
  • Scalable tailored solutions
  • Detailed reports
  • Flexibility to combine risk evaluation together with name screening and transaction monitoring result
  • Worldwide access for team collaboration

Benefits for Lyods AML Cloud Service (SaaS)

With our Lyods AML Cloud Service, FSI and insurers could have their AML/CFT programmes with more direct and faster implementation, lower starting cost, much lower risk level, scalable tailored solutions, expert risk analysis, detailed reports, flexibility to combine risk evaluation together with name screening and TM results, instant worldwide access and worldwide team collaboration.

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